Schott Health 5 day Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse


Schott Health 5 day Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse


It includes the following:

5 Full Days of my signature superfood shakes & soups

- these are the nutritional meals that will keep you nourished, satisfied, and most importantly, help avoid getting into extreme and unnecessary catabolic states while living our regular lives. You’ll get each day an electrolyte fiber rich lemonade, superfood smoothie, antioxidant rich berry super shake, and grounding roots, seed & vegetable soup.

5 Day supply of a gentle oxygen magnesium thorough & safe colon scrub

  • I don’t like laxatives- even herbal ones that are often too irritating for the gut. Also, while going about our usual day to day activities, colonics or enemas are not necessarily convenient. The addition of a high quality, well researched magnesium & stabilized oxygen complement to the “meals” is vital for a full and deep colonic gentle scrub.

5 Day supply of superfoods & super herbs

- includes chlorophyll, immune teas, remineralizing shots, and adaptogen super herbs

5 Day supply of Pristine living water & additional magnesium bicarbonate concentrate

- for optimal energetic & mitochondrial function

5 Day supply of the most cutting edge microbiome and gut restoring supplement

A thorough daily self bodywork routine explained in detail for bio mechanical & fascia recalibration

Guidance for daily application of near infrared sauna & light therapy

And hands- on coaching and education from me as we go through the process together.


Program starts Wednesday Oct. 25th 





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