Our 5 Week Group Coaching Program is a great opportunity to invest in yourself! 

Here's what we'll cover in depth along with the most meaningful educational wellness material...

Week 1: Start Up Right

Mindset, emotions and setting intentions

  • This week, the focus is on establishing a strong relationship with yourself. We will create the right mindset for long term success. We introduce the concepts of context, correct perspective, and setting realistic expectations to achieve long lasting habits. The challenge- and also the springboard- to success this week is to allow yourself full immersion into the process.
  • We also individualize by submitting the iris picture & submit specific goals, challenges and areas that need the most work.
  • We set up accountability and establish your support system.
  • We highlight tools and strategies that empower the individual
  • We will create anchors & motivating elements to further enhance the concept of mindset and success.

Week 1 Action Steps

Week 2: Master the Elements, Part 1

Fire and Water
Fire: We introduce thorough and up-to-date information regarding light & how to balance your circadian biology. We go over tools, strategies, and critical points that go beyond the run=of-the-mill health information.

Water: We cover the importance of what constitutes "good" water and what is the right water for your body. We address proper hydration, general oxygenation strategies, and the symbiosis of water with whole body activation.

Week 2 Action Steps, homework and support

Week 3: Master the Elements, Part 2


  • We cover foundational aspects of food and the aspects of nutrition that really make a difference.
  • We learn how to successfully clean up your pantry/ kitchen, stock up correctly, and set up staples for life.
  • Go over proper meal planning, solar nutrition concepts, and the superfoods that really matter.
  • Go over basic cooking tools and techniques.
  • Present valuable videos & recipes for easier learning.

Week 3 Action steps & homework

Week 4: Master the Elements, Part 3

Air and Ether

  •  We go over how to optimize your indoor home & work environment.
  •  We touch upon EMF and other unknown elements that drain our energetic capacities.

Week 4 Action Steps

Week 5: What’s Next?


  • Iris assessment revealed with specific and advanced recommendations.
  • Identifying your wins, areas for further growth, and commitment for next steps & development.


The 5 week program includes:


  •     5 week email classes, action steps & homework
  •     Educational material (articles, videos, audio recordings, iconographics, bulletins, recipes, and meal plan sheets)
  •     Online iris reading
  •     Private Facebook group
  •     5 week accountability system
  •     Weekly Q&A session
  •     “Health Made Simple” E-book
5 Week Online Course $499